API integration

We embed telephony in other systems via API.

To allow external applications through the connector to receive and make calls, play call records, display the history and statistics of calls.


allows you to manage calls from the outside through AMI commands and the database.


connects telephony via API with other applications - SaaS or In-House.

Telephony Connector for embedding into applications

Popular Asterisk integrations

We will perform integration of telephony via API with any application. Our development team will do it, even if there is no ready integration yet.


If the standard features of Omni channel do not provide the necessary functionality, use the API integration through Asterisk.

Salesforce integration
Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Custom integration of Asterisk telephony with Dynamics gives you much more capabilities than standard Plug-Ins and Add-Ons.

Dynamics CRM integration

Implementation of telephony, call recording and telephone statistics functionality required for users' work in UI-applications for SAP-systems.

SAP integration
SugarCRM (SuiteCRM)

Telephony integration, which allows you to process calls and statistics in detail in the web-interface of the Open Source CRM-system.

SuiteCRM integration

Dock your Avaya office telephony system to Asterisk via SIP or H.323 protocol, keeping your VoIP phones working after they've been reflashed.

Avaya integration

Combine Asterisk with Cisco telephony via SIP, expanding the capabilities of corporate telephony after upgrading the firmware of IP-phones.

Cisco integration

Facts and Figures

We have been integrating Asterisk with our customers' applications and services for more than 10 years. Every day we support about 100 projects.



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In our business processes, we actively use Asterisk-based telephony and a connector for integration with corporate web applications, developed by CONTACT.WORK.
Coral Travel, tour operator
Chengiskhan Ali, CIO
Thanks to the integration capabilities of the Asterisk connector, we have successfully built into our systems the functionality of calling passengers and quickly inform them about changes.
Utair airlines
Alexander Dormenko, IT Director
I express my gratitude to CONTACT.WORK for cooperation in creating an automated call center, which allowed to increase the number of effective calls and reduce the downtime of operators.
Beeline, mobile operator
Sergey Tolstograev, Director

Asterisk Integration

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